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TANTI Bonnet
TANTI Bonnet

TANTI Bonnet

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This is where style and fashion statement meets functionality! This beautiful bonnet is satin-lined on the inside & has bold and vibrant African print on the outside. The bands are flexible and still sturdy to stay on all night. The prints are soft, stylish and chic.


Protect you hair with our bonnets by ensuring your ends are secured and tucked in. The satin-lining will help your hair:

  1. retain moisture
  2. eliminate frizz
  3. preserve your hairstyles.


  • Satin bonnet with fitted edge keeps hair edges secure and smooth
  • Great for relaxed and natural hair styles, as well as braids, locs, twist and wigs. 
  • Perfect for long hairstyles and thick textures

    No more tangles, breakage, dry dull hair and cheap boring bonnets that don’t stay on all night. 

    Model is wearing size L. 

    Handmade with 💕