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3 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day VIRTUALLY


If you need some ideas on how to celebrate Galentine's Day Virtually, we got 3  good ideas for you keeping in mind that we are still dealing with a Global pandemic. It is important that as we celebrate the upcoming holidays for 2021 that they are done virtually with friends and love ones that are not living in the same household. This year Galentine's Day will be celebrated on the 13th of February 2021, the day before Valentine's Day. 


It's cold outside and hosting a virtual tea party will be a nice way to stay in the comfort of your home, catch up and spend some quality time enjoying each others company via Zoom over a nice hot cup of tea. It will also be al ot of fun if you encourage your gal pals to dress up in their best as if your were actually going out for an actual Tea party.   


We all love a good day at the spa and to be pampered but this will be different and might even be better. Put on a comfy robe that you can get from here and grab your favorite face mask and hop on a zoom call with the girls chit chatting and listening to some soothing music. You can also step it up by lighting up the space with some  of your favorite scented candles. 


Make sure you have your mimosa's handy for a girls only virtual brunch. Each person can make something that they love to eat and jump on a Zoom call for the brunch. This will be a great time to talk about anything and catch up with each other over some very good food while toasting over Mimosas. You can also take turns playing soft and soothing music in the background to set the tone for the brunch. 

Lastly, we hope those 3 ideas will get your ideas rolling and you will come up with the perfect way to spend Galentine's Day with your girls. 

Have a Great Galentine's Day and Stay Safe!